WELS – Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

A New Life In Christ

a Bible Basics Course

at Divine Grace Lutheran Church in Lake Orion.


The Bible Basics Course at Divine Grace



When was the last time that you reviewed the basic teachings of the Bible and how those teachings apply to your life? Do you have questions about creation, heaven and hell, angels and demons, the Ten Commandments, Communion, Baptism, prayer, marriage, money, parenting, or death?

Our Bible Information Class will bring us God’s answers to those questions, plus a whole lot more! The class will meet here at church once per week for approximately 12 sessions, beginning Tuesday, September 20th.

This is a wonderful chance for those who are already members here at Divine Grace to take a basic doctrine “refresher” course. This is also the “membership” class – that is, those who would like to join Divine Grace but come from another denomination or are unchurched are asked to complete this class before joining. It will give you a chance to examine what we believe and teach on the basis of God’s Word.

If you have friends, relatives, neighbors or acquaintances who don’t have a church home, please take this opportunity to extend them an invitation! If you would like to enroll, please do so using the form to the right.




Divine Grace Lutheran Church

(248) 391-2811

3000 S Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI 48359


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