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07-23-17 – Pentecost 7-A

07-16-17 – Pentecost 6-A




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Easter – Turn to Jesus for Resurrection and Life

The Easter miracle is not what everyone is expecting, but it is exactly what everyone needs! Listen to this special Easter message to learn more about the joy and confidence that comes from the fact that Jesus lives for us so that we can live with Him forever. Date: 4/16/2017 Title: Turn to Jesus for…

We’re All Right

  Are you all right? This week we are asked a question that you are probably asked often, but rarely ever give any attention to, “How are you doing?” Have you ever been asked that question, on the inside you are screaming because things don’t seem good, but you reply “I’m fine.” Listen, and learn,…

God has filled your Savings Account!

  What do you have to do to get into heaven? The answer might not be what most people expect. What are the nuts and bolts of the Christian faith? What does the biblical patriarch Abraham teach us about faith and works? And, what really counts as deposits into our spiritual bank account? These questions…

Christmas Day – Jesus Is Our Great Christmas Light

In this busy and often chaotic Christmas season have you been reminded of this wonderful and timeless truth, that Jesus is the light of the world? Do you often feel overshadowed by the darkness of this world? This Christmas, we hear words of encouragement to keep seeking the light of Jesus that illuminates the path…