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Divine Grace Lutheran Church News and Events

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Altar Flowers:  The flowers that beautify our services this week were given to God’s glory by the Voss family in thanks for God’s many blessings.

Sign-Up for Altar Flowers:  You may sign up for poinsettias for this December by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page at DivineGrace.net and clicking on the button which will take you to an electronic sign-up sheet.  The altar flower donation sign-up link for 2021 can also be found at the bottom of the home page. Please pay $20 for the flowers online by clicking the “Donate” button at the bottom of the home page and selecting the Flower Fund, or use the GivePlus app.

Daylight Savings:  Remember to set your clocks back Saturday night (Oct. 31)!  Daylight Savings ends on November 1.

Call Received:  Our teacher in grades 1-2, Miss Charlotte Huebner, has received a divine call to go and teach grades K-3 at Zion Lutheran School in Valentine, Nebraska.  She will take the next few weeks to give prayerful consideration between her call here to Divine Grace and the call there, determining where she can best use her God-given gifts.  Please keep Miss Huebner in your prayers as she now prayerfully deliberates, and feel free to share any thoughts or input you might have about it with her.

Call Meeting Set for Tuesday, November 10: At our voters meeting on Sunday, we decided to begin calling from the field for a Teacher/Principal for next school year.  We will meet to extend a call at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 10.  You may join us either in the Fellowship Hall or live via Zoom.  Voters, please plan to join us for this important meeting! 

Newly Elected Council Members:  At the voters meeting, the voters elected Art Reinhold to serve as our new Congregation President beginning on January 1, 2021.  Special thanks to Dale Schreiner, who also accepted nomination for that position.  May the Lord continue to bless us through our faithful leaders!

Thanksgiving Eve:  We do anticipate having a Thanksgiving Eve service in-person and perhaps also live-streamed on Wednesday, November 25, beginning at 7:00 pm.

Directory Updates:  If you have changes to your contact information, please email updates to office@divinegrace.net.  A new church directory will be published in November.

“The I Am Statements Of Jesus”  Sundays at 10:00 am.  We will take each of the 7 “I Am” statements of our Savior and look more closely at what he meant by saying them, and all of the truths and hope and comfort that they convey.  I pray that you will join us!  Classes will be offered in-person in the Fellowship Hall, with proper distancing, and will also be streamed live via Zoom.

“Law and Gospel”  This course will be our focus on Wednesday evenings, at 7 pm.  Law and gospel are the two main teachings of Scripture.  Misunderstanding them will lead to all kinds of theological problems.  We’ll learn the difference between law and gospel, and how to apply them in our everyday lives.  Classes will be offered in-person in the Fellowship Hall, with proper distancing, and will also be streamed live via Zoom.

Ushers Needed:  Parish Services chairman Eric Nordlie reported that we could use ushers for our weekly services. We certainly understand that due to current COVID conditions some people simply cannot attend; we are only asking those who would feel comfortable ushering. Ushers will still follow all safety guidelines and the responsibilities will only include the following:
 Unlocking and locking the doors
 Lighting and extinguishing the candles
 Counting the offering
Please let Eric know if you are willing to be put into a rotation, and which service you prefer. He will be sending out a schedule the first week of November, so please get with him before then. You can contact him at tag1859@gmail.com or at 248-249-9983.

Marriage Moments:  Our Synod’s Adult Discipleship Commission has rolled out a new tool to help married couples to grow.  Every marriage has its “moments.” That’s why marriages need moments of encouragement and refreshment. Marriage Moments are short, weekly videos highlighting one Biblical marriage thought accompanied by a discussion question. Couples may subscribe to receive the videos, free of charge, in a weekly e-mail. To learn more about the program, or to sign up for the weekly emails, please visit https://welscongregationalservices.net/ministryresources/marriagemoments/

Meditations and Forwards:  The current edition of the Meditations book and the Forward in Christ magazine can be found in a plastic bin under the overhang outside of the church doors for curbside pickup.  Come whenever it’s convenient, take your copy home, and spend time in devotion with the Lord every day.

Videos Available: Sunday worship services will still be posted on our website divinegrace.net and Facebook.  Podcasts (audio) of Sunday sermons are also available.  Please rest secure in these uncertain times that nothing is out of the control of our gracious and powerful God.

Masks Available:  Member Mary Ann Watson has sewn a number of really terrific masks, and is offering them to our members or to someone you know who might need one.  There are sizes for adults, teens, and children.  You can pick one up at worship, or, if you need other arrangements, please let Pastor Voss know and he’ll find a way to get one to you.  Thank you, Mary Ann!!!

Luther’s Coat of Arms- Luther’s explanation:

  1. Black Cross The first thing expressed in my seal is a cross, black, within the red heart to put me in mind that faith in Christ crucified saves us.
  2. Red Heart Now, although the cross is black, shameful, and intended to cause pain, yet it does not change the color of the heart, does not destroy nature. In other words, it does not kill but keeps alive. “For the just shall live by faith” – by faith in the Savior.
  3. White Rose But this heart is fixed on the center of a white rose to show that faith causes joy, comfort, and peace. The rose is white, not red, because white is the ideal color of all angels and blessed souls.
  4. Blue Sky This rose, moreover, is fixed in a sky-colored background to show that such joy of faith in the spirit is but a promise and beginning of heavenly joy to come. This joy, though not yet revealed, is looked forward to and held by the hope which we have.
  5. Gold Circle Around this background is a ring to show that such bliss in heaven is endless. And since the ring is made of gold, the best and most precious metal, it also shows that the bliss of heaven is more precious than all other joys and treasures.

Online Giving. You may, of course, mail your offerings in (3000 S. Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI  48359), but if you’d like to give online, it’s now easier than ever.  You can go to our website divinegrace.net and scroll down to the bottom of the home page and fill out the “Give Now” form.  If you prefer, you can use the GivePlus App by just following these few simple steps: 

  1. Download the GivePlus App. It is a secure app, and is connected to our Simply Giving online offering program. It is secure, and will link your offering to our contribution statements for your tax purposes.
  2. Search by zip code to select Divine Grace. Our zip code is 48359.
  3. Link to your bank account.
  4. You can select what fund you’d like to give to, just like your envelopes.
  5. You will have the option of just going in each time you want to give a single gift, or, if you’d rather, you can sign up for weekly giving.

Upcoming Birthdays:

10/29  Scott  Baker 

10/31  Jacob  Jones,  Alanna  Quail,  Kent  Woiak

11/1  Laurie  Lane

11/2  Sue Jones

11/3  Camden  Wendt 

11/6  Maxx  Tartamella

11/7  Justin  Ruediger

11/8  Michael  Binroth,  David  Bronson 

11/9  Landon  Coffin,  Rose  Nietzke,  Daniel  Pentis

11/11  Melanie  Connolly

11/12  Samantha  Herron

11/13  Paul  Miela

11/15  Logan  Myziuk,  Tim Thorsen

11/18  Charlotte  Ostermann

11/19  Dorothy  Butler,  Kurt  Uhlig

11/20  Ashton  Nietzke

11/21  Terry Cartwright 

11/23  Michelle  Morse

11/25  Beth  Pol,  Art Reinhold  

11/27  Amy  Thorsen

11/28  Luke  Bessolo,  Joshua  Teller

11/29  Philip  Luedtke

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