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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Live Easter Worship Service Synod-Wide!  The WELS has announced a special live online Easter worship opportunity for WELS members to fellowship together in cyber space from all over the country at the same time. The service will be broadcast live from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary at 7 pm Eastern time on Easter Sunday evening. The service theme will be, “Together At The Empty Tomb.” The preacher will be Pastor Earle Treptow, president of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Stay online after the service for a live Q&A with President Treptow and Rev. Jon Hein, who is the coordinator of WELS Congregational Services. Here’s the link for Easter Sunday evening: https://livestream.com/wlslive/togetherattheemptytomb.

Message from President Schroeder:  President Schroeder is planning to deliver a brief message Synod-wide this coming Sunday night (April 5) at 7 pm. You can watch that live, or archived after the event, at this link:  https://vimeo.com/402639801.

Free Digital Issues of Forward:  To continue supporting your congregation in these times, NPH is offering free digital access to the Forward in Christ issues for March and April. Use this link: https://online.nph.net/fic-free-issue-form. 

Call Returned: Kristi Coffin has returned the call to St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Adrian, Michigan. She will be staying at Divine Grace.  May the Lord continue to bless her work here, teaching Kindergarten and Young Fives!

Online Services:  Due to the governor’s mandate to shelter in place, we have decided to go to online only worship until further notice. This will be true for Lenten Service, all Sunday services,  and for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services.

Videos Available: Sunday worship services and Wednesday Lenten services are posted on our website divinegrace.net and Facebook.  Podcasts (audio) of Sunday sermons are also available.  Please rest secure in these uncertain times that nothing is out of the control of our gracious and powerful God.

Worship Service Folders:  PLEASE also download the service’s service folder from our website (or from Facebook) prior to the service so that you have the hymns, liturgy, etc. Those you find right on our homepage, the button is clearly marked.

Bible Study:  We plan to stream our Sunday Bible Study live on a platform called Zoom, which will enable us to do it interactively. Sunday Bible study will begin at 10 am. Here’s all you need to do…  Watch for an email sometime on Friday from DG, it will have an invitation link to Bible Class.  Prior to class, go to our website and download the Bible Class questions by clicking on the link labeled “Bible Study – click to download questions.” Then, on Sunday morning, a little before 10 am, open up your email from us again and click on the invitation.

Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Breakfast Canceled:  Our Church Council has decided to cancel the Easter Egg Hunt (April 4) and the Easter Breakfast between services (April 12).

Online Giving. You may, of course, mail your offerings in, but if you’d like to give online, it’s now easier than ever.  You can go to our website divinegrace.net and scroll down to the bottom of the home page and fill out the “Give Now” form.  If you prefer, you can use the GivePlus App by just following these few simple steps: 

  1. Download the GivePlus App. It is a secure app, and is connected to our Simply Giving online offering program. It is secure, and will link your offering to our contribution statements for your tax purposes.
  2. Search by zip code to select Divine Grace. Our zip code is 48359.
  3. Link to your bank account.
  4. You can select what fund you’d like to give to, just like your envelopes.
  5. You will have the option of just going in each time you want to give a single gift, or, if you’d rather, you can sign up for weekly giving.
  6. We are working on giving you the option to give by credit card, but we are not quite ready with that just yet. We hope to have that in place very soon.

Preschool and K-8 Applications:  We are now taking applications for the upcoming school year.  If you are interested, or know of someone who may have a need for a quality Christian education, please download an application from our website divinegrace.net.   

Annual Church & School Camp Out Details:  Divine Grace church and school families have always enjoyed camping together.  For years we have been at Groveland Oaks County Park, and will be there again this summer.  Plan to join us if you have any interest in camping – we really have a good time! We have the whole week of August 3-9 reserved.  Please sign up now by emailing office@divinegrace.net and we will add your name to the list.  We have room for up to 20 families in our circle.  Each site in the circle has a picnic table and electricity.  In the center we share a covered pavilion, large grill and a pit for evening campfires.  Restrooms and showers are a short walk away.  The lake has a beach and allows non-motorized boats.  Bring your tent, pop-up, luxury camper, or whatever you have and join the fun!   The church picnic will also be at the campground this year.  (You don’t need to camp to come to the picnic.)  Join us!  It will be a lot of fun!

Upcoming Birthdays:

4/6  Larry Buss,  Liliane  Pyscher 

4/7  Jesse  Kimmel

4/8  Jordan  Miller,  Jennifer  Miller     

4/9  Daniel  Jorgenson,  Eric  Nordlie,  Megan  Voss

4/12  Mark  Krueger,  Andrew  Miller

4/13  Kevin  Backer,  Renee  Moran

4/14  Quinn  McClain,  Colene  Paselk 

4/15  Benjamin  Hagewood,  Kevin  Krueger,  Madeline  Voss 

4/16  Amy  Bennington,  Simeon  Crass,  Max  Nordlie,  Jennifer  Schreiner

4/19  Elissa  McClain


Use the website and Facebook to stay up-to-date with Worship Services, Bible Studies, and Church News!

DG Members,

We’re hearing that some people haven’t been receiving our email messages, and have discovered that they have been going into email Spam folders or Junk folders.

If that is the case, there are steps that you can take.  Add office@divinegrace.net to your contacts in your email address book.  If you find one of our emails in your Spam folder, often you can click on it and mark it as “not Spam” or create a rule for messages from this sender to go into your Inbox.

We hope that helps, as we want everyone to be able to receive the electronic information that we share.  Thanks and God’s Blessings!

Pastor Mark Voss


Easter Egg Hunt has been Canceled
Easter Breakfast has been Canceled