WELS – Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Mission & Philosophy

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Divine Grace Lutheran Preschool exists to provide a high-quality, Christ-centered early childhood education, based on the inerrant Word of God.  We provide a nurturing and caring environment where children are treated with love and respect.  Sharing the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness is an important part of our program.


“God, our Savior, wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). Therefore, Divine Grace Lutheran School accepts all children regardless of their race, creed, color, or physical condition. In Psalm 34:11, the Lord states, “Come, My children, listen to Me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” The word “fear”, as used in this passage, means to stand in awe of, to glorify. The all-encompassing purpose of our school is to instill through the Word of God awe and respect in the hearts and minds of our children for our gracious and loving Lord.

Our Goals for Your Child Include:

• Learning about Jesus and His love for us
• Sharing basic Bible truths
• Developing his or her self-esteem
• Creating positive feelings toward learning
• Maintaining a warm, caring, Christian atmosphere

Preschool Curriculum

Our caring staff provides opportunities for learning through experiences in these areas:

Spiritual Growth: Through Bible stories, prayers and songs, your child will learn about the love of Jesus their Savior. Spiritual values are developed while living and learning together in a Christian environment.

preschool - mission vision 1Social and Emotional Development: Children develop a healthy sense of self, and learn to identify a variety of feelings and moods (in themselves and others). They develop empathy for others as they learn how to share and to help others. Throughout the year, they will grow in the ability to follow simple, clear and consistent directions and rules.

 Language and Early Literacy: Students learn to demonstrate courteous listening behaviors, along with speech development. They will develop an understanding of story elements, structure, and sequencing. Letter names and sounds will be explored.

preschool - mission vision 2Physical Development and Health: Children will begin to understand spatial awareness for themselves, others, and their environment. There will be opportunities to participate in games and exercise that enhance physical fitness. Motor control and coordination will be developed through using a variety of age-appropriate tools.

Mathematics: Several mathematical concepts will be introduced, including sorting, pattern recognition, identifying shapes, weight concepts, relational positioning, counting, adding and subtracting.

preschool - mission vision 3Creative Development: Musical activities and creative movement will be introduced. A variety of art materials will be available for students to use and explore. Children will begin to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

Social Studies: Children will learn to use words to describe location and direction. They will also participate in classroom celebrations and will be encouraged to participate in improving their environment.

Science: Observations, predictions, and explanations will be discussed. Children will have the opportunity to use scientific equipment such as magnets and scales. They will also learn about weather and seasons, and will begin to describe changing conditions.